Welcome to the website of the Community Development and Epilepsy Foundation (CODEF). The foundation is a support, educational and advocacy organisation based in the North West Region of Cameroon working in villages where there is a high prevalence of epilepsy patients and severe lack of services. CODEF is a volunteer based organisation with the mission to improve the lives of persons living with Epilepsy.

CODEFs activities fall into six areas;

–          Medical Care and Psycho-Social Support

CODEF believes in holistic health care for persons living with epilepsy, and therefore, its activities include basic primary medical care and psycho-social support in terms of support groups.

–          Advocacy

CODEF’s advocacy campaign is to make health authorities in Cameroon incorporate epilepsy into their health delivery system and activities. Specifically, the campaign aims to increase drug supplies and make Anti Epilepsy Drugs affordable, free, and available to all who need them

–          Education and Awareness Raising

Persons living with epilepsy are marginalised and unable to participate in the normal day to day activities of community life. By raising awareness and educating the population about the facts of epilepsy, CODEF is able to reduce stigmatisation of those affected.

–          Research

CODEF researches the causes and prevention of epilepsy.  It’s previous research focused on the availability of anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) and its access for persons living with epilepsy in the North West Region of Cameroon.

–          Home Visits

CODEF volunteers visit families affected by epilepsy in order to assist them in day to day activities, educate them on epilepsy, and connect them to health centres.

–          Income Generating Activities

Persons living with epilepsy are engaged in the rearing and breeding of guinea pigs in order to increase their economic condition which enables them to access health care and anti-epileptic drugs.